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Services & Pricing

Treatments: $90.00 

Travel Fee: Please contact me regarding cost

Scroll down below to see package and discount opportunities. 

what is included in a treatment



I start every session with a disscussion that covers the topics of your horses history, concerns, and short/long term goals 



Key findings will direct our session to an area of improvement to focus on treatment and rehabilitation plan. 



Variety of modalities will be used in order to improve muscle quality, joint range of motion and improvement of overall well-being. 

Modalities I Provide

Equine Massage 

Massage has a significant effect on the nervous system that has various benefits to the body such as; reducing pain, improving proprioception, relieves stress, prevention of injuries, promotes healing, improving range of motion, increase circulation, supports immune system, and aids in muscle tone.  

K-Tape Application

Kinesiology tape is a physiotherapy treatment and has various application methods. The benefits of K-tape is to help treat muscle injuries, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, improve performance and increase recovery time.

Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage is a technique we use to remove toxins and interstitial fluid from our internal systems. The purpose of this massage is to improve the immune system functions, remove toxins and bacteria, improve energy levels, remove excess fluid (stocking up), aid in pain relief and improvement of overall comfort levels throughout the body.  

Cranial Sacral

Cranial Sacral therapy not only deals with the bones of the skull and pelvis, but also the Central Nervous System. This modality involves a gentle touch to relieve restrictions to the system to promote movement of fluid to reduce pain, improve health & balance and can positively change the vitality. 

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is a way to help the body heal itself. The photons from the lights increases the energy within the cell and that speeds up the healing process. This provides benefits for soft tissue injuries, increase collagen production, inflammation, arthritis pain, tendon and ligament injuries and so much more. 


Osteopath is an alternative therapy used through gentle manipulation, soft tissue therapy and joint remobilization. This approach is to restore optimal alignment and mobility, while addressing imbalances that may contribute to pain or discomfort. 

Client Testimonials

Motowylo Chuckwagon Racing Team 

Hailey has been a valuable aspect of our team and we trust her knowledge along the WPCA circuit. We have had huge success with all of our horses with her as our therapist. 
Have you booked your session?

Prior to your first session, please take a moment to fill out our simple intake form and waiver. Ensuring we have this information in advance allows myself to provide the best possible care for your horse during their session. Thank you for your cooperation, and I look forward to meeting you and your equine companion. 

Discounts & Packages

Refer a friend 

Refer a friend and when they book their session enjoy $20 off your next booking!

Leave a review 

Your feedback matters! Leave a kind review to receive 10% off your next session!

Multiple Horse Discount 

If you have multiple horses you would like worked on in the same day, message me and we can set up a group discount. Minimum 5 horses for the discount to be included. 

This discount will only apply to multiple horses in the same barn on the same day with back to back appointments. 

Bodywork Packages 

Option #1
Pre-book 3 sessions and receive your 4th session with 50% off. 

Bookings must be booked and used within a 4 month period with no more than 3 weeks apart. 

Option #2
Pre-book 5 sessions and receive your 6th session free. Bookings must be used within a 5 month consecutive period. 

4H & Pony Club Presentations 

I would love to provide discussions and demonstrations to your clubs! Please contact me today to discuss which kind of presentation you would like me to provide. This can range anywhere from anatomy, the importance of bodywork, stretches, overall horse care and more.  I would love to put together something for your association and in return will offer everyone who attends a discounted rate for future services.

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