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About Elite Equine

Welcome to Elite Equine, where your horse's wellness is my primary focus. My practice is the culmination of my passion for equine health and my belief in the transformative power of equine remedial therapy. With my experience and a commitment to lifelong learning, I've honed my skills to provide the highest standard of care. Whether its recovery, rehabilitation, or preventative care, I am here to support the health and happiness of your equine companion. Together, lets make every stride a comfortable and joyful one.

How it all started

My journey as a small business owner in equine remedial therapy began with a deep passion for horses and their well-being. It all started with a desire to make a positive impact on our equine athletes by helping them overcome physical challenges, recover from injuries, and reach their full potential.  This path has evolved into a heartfelt mission,  where each day is dedicated to the highest level of care to horses and their owners, ensuring that every step of their journey is marked by improved health, comfort and enhanced performance. 

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Company's Goals 

At Elite Equine, our goals aren't just aspirations; they are a commitment to your horse's well-being. I take pride in providing expert Equine Remedial Therapy services that are rooted in compassion, expertise, and a holistic approach. My focus goes above and beyond mere treatment- it's about forging lasting partnerships with my clients, ensuring that each horse receives tailored care and support. Your horse's journey to health and vitality is my mission, and I'm dedicated to being your trusted companion on this path. I believe that the journey of remedial therapy should be one of comfort and joy, and it's my privilege to make that belief a reality. 

Recovery & Rehabilitation 

Preventative Care

Client Education & Satisfaction  

Equine Partnerships 

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