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Elite Equine Performance Therapy services Sylvan Lake, Alberta and surrounding areas such as Calgary and Edmonton. As a passionate advocate for horse health and vitality, I offer a range of specialized therapies designed to promote healing, mobility, and performance in your equine athletes. 


Meet the founder 


Hailey Shaw

 Hey everyone! I'm Hailey, the proud owner and founder behind Elite Equine Performance Therapy.  I'm a passionate and dedicated equine remedial therapist committed to enhancing the health and wellbeing of our equine companions. With a deep understanding of the whole horse, I am equipped with the knowledge skills and practical experience to provide you with effective therapeutic services. From recovery and rehabilitation to preventive care, my goal is to ensure that every horse enjoys a life full of vitality and peak performance. Discover the difference that personalized equine therapy can make and embark on a journey toward improved equine health and well-being. 

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