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How often should I book my horse in for a session? 

I like to recommend to my clients that have performance horses to book in every 4-6 weeks, however every horse and treatment is different and the time duration between sessions will be specially tailored to their needs. 

How long is the treatment time?

Sessions typically range anywhere from 45min to 1 hour. 

How much time off does my horse need off after a session? 

Our horses should have a minimum of 24 hours off. I recommend anywhere from 24-72 hours as the body is constantly changing and recovering from the session, which can make them body sore. This is also something I will let you know after a session due to the severity of our treatment.  

What are the benefits of massage? 

There is such a wide variety of benefits that massage can provide including, increasing range of motion and flexibility, increases circulation, speed up successful recovery time, remove bacteria and toxins and improve overall well-being. 

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